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We love the simplicity of our service and we believe once you have tried us you will agree. So why not let us help you increase your sales to international visitors. Let’s start now…. and we will contact you to arrange a meeting with our sales executive.

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The Office


Suite 3, 63 Broadway, Stratford, E15 4BQ, London, United Kingdom

+44 844 310 9697

+44 845 862 1714


Ushop Tax free Ireland Ltd, 13 Upper Baggot Street, Dublin 4, Ireland


Eurl Ushop Tax Free (France) Sar Chez Sofradom, 58 Av De Wagram, 75017 Paris, France


Ushop Tax Free d.o.o. Avenija Dubrovnik 16 10020 Zagreb – Croatia

Business Hours
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • 7 Days a Week

Our Service Features

  • Hassle Free

    No need to keep track of all the associated paperwork.

  • No VAT invoice

    We do not invoice you - we deal directly with HM Customs.

  • Increased Profit

    We return a portion of the VAT to you.

  • Seamless

    NO need to change the way you do business.

  • Customer Support

    Dedicated account manager and 24 hour phone support.

  • Free

    We will provide you with free marketing and sales promotion materials.

  • Transparent

    Track all succesfull claims against issued forms.

  • Best of All

    Ushop Tax Free pays you to use it!!!.

and more...

Adding ease and convenience to ONLINE Shopping:

  • Pickup is fast and easy, and can be accomplished within just few minutes
  • Eliminates the frustration of not being able to find products in stores because of lack of choice and sizes

Click & Collect service bridges the gap of your online store and a physical one.

Ushop tax Free service provides the retail industry with solutions to:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Create additional revenue stream
  • Make positive impact on bottom line

We work with retail partners to increase international visitor foot fall by acrively communicating with eligible shoppers

Through Ushp Tax Free's association with Smartax Network our retail partners have the opportunity to advertise to the foreign traveller segment of the market at virtually no cost